Is your website and agenda item on your weekly meetings? If he fly solo, do you regularly audit and update your site? Chances are your answer is  a really big nope. Other stuff takes priority. All that other biz shoulders its way to the front. That is okay, it gets out of hand when it’s always the case. When that happens, your website no longer reflects what you do. It isn’t relevant anymore. How could it be? Your last update was 16 months ago. Neglecting your website morphs it into an awkward silo that is completely separated from your brand. It Is kind of like a heavy weight dragging your website and image deeper into the abyss.

You really don’t want to be in that abyss. It’s looks outdated, and is reminiscent of untrustworthy charlatans. Sound hyperbolic? Think about how fast you click away from a  website when it looks like it’s fresh from 2003? Or, think of how irritating it is when you get to a site on your phone and the horizontal scroll is out of control. When websites aren’t mobile friendly they’re not people friendly. It doesn’t make for a great user experience. When you neglect your users you’re neglecting your bottom line.

Cleaning up your site is a positive thing and cuts through all the mixed messaging with focus and clarity. It will give you something to be proud to show off and also really revamp your brand. It is very important to recognize that your website is just as much a part of your brand has the work that you do. Let me ask you to take a risk here, to be transparent and be open with me. I am offering you a mini audit of your website, as it is, here and now. I want you t ogive me your URL and I will provide you with three actionable changes you can make to bring your website back to life! You want in? Give me your URL!

You want lasers (in the form of my eyes) on your site! Get that here!

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