The what

My site has gone through several redesigns as I have moved through shaping my business practice and identity. I have gone from a multipage site, to a one pager and back. The main colours have been greens, yellow, oranges and more. Each and every iteration of my set has been intentional and has reflected where I was at in my business. When I first started I was focusing on making web magic for social justice activists. The focus made a lot of sense because it was the community that I knew. I was working at Supporting Our Youth, an amazing organization for queer and trans spectrum youth, so it made sense to carry that work over. As I was working more and more, I kept that focus but lost my voice. My website wasn’t reflective of me anymore. It is so important to have a voice and to have your real self come through in business. People choose to work with people they can relate to. I want to work with people I can relate to. Having all of this swirling in my mind led me to redo my site with the dream team combo of swearing and the colour yellow!

The why

What I mean by that is, I redid my site using words that actually come out of my mouth. I “painted” the whole thing yellow because dammit, that was the colour that I had wanted all along. It was a bold and bright choice, that would let people know that I am a gregarious person. No hiding it. There is always a reason for why shit goes down. For me, my past website changes were made because my website didn’t actually reflect me. Before you get any ideas, websites for small businesses and freelancers are actually for the CLIENT not the owner but still. Keeping that in mind, I wanted to make a site that met my clients need and still screamed “Yaa”. Why am I saying al of this now? Because my site is getting another kickstart. I’m changing it again. And I feel very good about it. When I started my business I was focused on making websites. That made a whole lot of sense because that is what I did. As I have been working, I have tapped into a lot of other skills around strategy and design. I can make a wicked cohesive brand identity a blog, social media and YouTube angle that brings all of your brand together. That is more than a website and I am embracing it full throttle.

The when

This new site is going to roll out before the kids go back to school, on a Canadian level, so keep your eyes peeled until September.
See ya later alligator.


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