When your name gets called, people get a buzz. Your name can cause a titter throughout a crowd. Does your website do that too? Or does it leave behind a trail of cricket noises and deftly avoided eye contact? We need to make sure the people who rep you so hard on the frontlines are all about it online. You need to have a website that serves as a beacon for community. When it is hard to find you online people take pause.

There are so many avenues to connect with people online. You have your own website to start with. Then there is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, Snapchat and so many more. How on earth do we double down and know where to start? You gotta think strategically and stay focused. Don’t even think about getting on every social media platform so people will find you no matter what. Bad strategy. That dilutes your message and brand. It is also mega tiring, so don’t go there.

Start with what you know. Start with your own website. That means taking a good hard look at your site and evaluating it. You want to keep an eye out for whether not the content is still up to date. You also want to make sure the right contact names are up and available on your site. Do a little check and see if the website content still sounds and feels like you. Once you know your website gels and it all in all good – explore some social media. Give it an honest go but be intentional. Don’t go for a YouTube channel if you can’t edit videos you think it’s the worst thing ever. Think about where your audience is in terms of social media and take a few steps in getting yourself out there!

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