I only do work that means something, I always have and I always will. I come from a field where you need to give a damn in order to do the work and that mentality has stuck with me in the technology sector. In this sector there are so many amazing and innovative ideas and products coming out that try to solve problems. It’s an industry that thrives on creativity, innovation and the intersection of ideas.

There is a wealth of information easily available to anyone who seeks it out, which means learning and breaking into this big technological world is less intimidating. There are far fewer gate keepers than ever before which means there are way more possibilities. With all this possibility, space is being made for people who might have been edged out of tech before. This means people who are under represented, marginalized and often over looked, can now get in the fray and bring their solutions to the table. I stan’ for this. 100%. The work that changes lives can be on or offline. It can big or small but it needs to be done. This work needs to be done by all kinds of people, not just the typical people you would expect to be doing it.

I am not on a mission to join a startup the delivers toilet paper. I want to work with real people who give a real damn. You could be a not for profit, a private practitioner or a small business owner… It’s not about titles. It is about compassion and drive that gives you the oomph to do real shit when you get up in the morning. It’s about being able to stand up for something, anything, and really know why that is important to you. I do work that matters and the people I work best with do the same.

  • Photos courtesy of #WOCinTech

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