This weekend I had the pleasure of attending WordCamp Toronto, an annual conference for WordPress enthusiasts. Everyone from developers, business owners, designers and bloggers filled the rooms to learn and connect.

The Community at WordCamp

The WordPress community is open, friendly and welcoming. From the first few people I sat with, I knew I was in good company. I was surrounded by people who couldn’t help but be excited, because WordPress is exciting. I take every opportunity I can to share just how much I love WordPress with other people. Doing that in a room fill of other people who love it just as much? Awesome. WordPress is a tool that anyone can use and the community reflects that. I met people from all walks of life who use WordPress to make their lives better. While it was my first WordCamp, I was outside the norm. Most people had been to a WordCamp either in Toronto or adjacent city before this. People can not seem to get enough of the community. Talk about encouraging!

What I learned at WordCamp

I sat in on many excellent sessions learning from vets in the field hearing about best practices and tips. Some sessions that stood out for me were business and product related. There was an excellent panel about the realties of running a business. The speakers emphasized the importance of having balance in business and growing a support network. The product talk that left an impression was all about podcasting! As you may already know, my friend and I launched <Hair Code Soul/>, a podcast about natural hair and our experiences in the tech industry. Having a professionally led session on podcasting was so helpful. I learned about the must haves for a podcast site. Those would be things like show notes, a resources section and a feed of all the files. WordCamp was a total win, and I will be back!

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