Running a business means using a lot of different tools to get things done. I am a one woman show so I gotta keep tabs on a lot of different moving pieces. I make this happen by using some great tools.

tools i use

I make a lot of graphics and to do that I use Canva. It is a gorgeous platform that puts graphic design at your fingerprints. It is an intuitive service that lets you sprinkle your own style onto images. It has preset image sizes that are ready to go for social media, blogs, business cards – you name it! Canna is really great. I made the graphic for this post in Canva!

Buffer is great for scheduling social media posts! You can connect your accounts and send out updates as you desire. A great use case for Buffer is if you are an admin for a Facebook group. You can schedule weekly posts to engage your fam, like Blog Post Monday, Sharing Saturdays or a whole host of things. It lets you set it and forget it! I use Buffer to automate my social sharing for my blog posts.

Screen Flow is a newbie to my tool box. I can’t believe it took me so long to get on this train! Screen Flow is an AWESOME screen recording tool that helps me make all my client hand off videos. Those videos you get that walk you through how to use your site? Courtesy of Screen Flow. The video tutorials I put out? Courtesy of Screen Flow. My favourite part of Screen Flow is how it cuts out SO MUCH of my editing process. I used to use QuickTime and yeah, it got it done but this is so much better. If you make screen casts, I highly recommend Screen Flow!

These are a few of the tools I use to keep my business running smoothly. What about you? What tools do you use on the regular? I would love to hear about the tools you use!

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