I spend hours upon hours on my rump behind a computer every single day. It ain’t because I am gaming furiously, its because I am working furiously. As a web developer, it makes a lot of sense that I spend oodles and oodles of time behind a computer. My rump can handle it but by the end of the day my shoulders are aching, painful and overall unhappy parts of my body. Not a great trend, considering I have 40+ years of working ahead of me. I am pretty solutions focused so I got thinking, what can I do to make this less horrible for my shoulders? Enter The Roost Stand! A portable laptop stand has been the simple answer to my shoulder woes. We have established that The Roost Stand is a laptop stand, but what makes this one so special? Well, it is ultra portable, so much so that I can take it with me wherever my mobile office goes. It is also adjustable by height, which is great because the different desks, surfaces and other flat things I find myself working off of are sorts of wild and wacky heights. Being able to adjust for that makes is so very, very comfortable. A big selling point for these folks is that it was originally a Kickstarter and is 100% made in the USA. That is neat. Mostly for me, being able to have happier shoulders paired with portability and customization makes this the perfect stand for me. It is extremely important for people who work with computers on a daily basis (so, everyone pretty much) to do what we can to maximize ergonomics and minimize pain. Something as simple as getting up to walk once an hour can do wonders and of course, being very mindful of your posture!

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