It’s finally here! A brand new podcast is unveiled! My good friend Simone and I have launched our brand new podcast <Hair Code Soul/> which is our personal project to get our fantastic radio voices onto the airwaves. Here it is for you to get right into it! My description will follow, rest assured!

Simone and I have a great time sharing our stories in this episode and we talk about how we found tech, what it means and how it is transforming our lives. We both have such a lovely time together working on projects or shooting the breeze so a podcast was a natural next step for us. It is so important for a variety of voices to be heard in different conversations. The tech world has a documented diversity problem and the voices of really important groups like women and people of colour need to be heard. I want to hear more than just the Silicon Valley boys talk. I want to hear about how being black impacts tech. How blackness is a part of tech. <Hair Code Soul/> brings that and that is what we are brining you every two weeks.

For updates tune into Hair Code Soul every two weeks or stop by here to get a solid recap.

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