Having a professional and accessible website that lets you edit the content like the pictures, write ups and more is not so far out of reach. Imagine no having to chase down a developer or your old tech savvy colleague when you need to update your site. That opens up so many opportunities to make sure you are reaching your clients and service users. It cuts out so many headaches and time and money sinks for you. A thoughtful investment now is a boundless investment for later. You get all that and more, here is a breakdown of we work together.

Websites from Scratch

That is right! I make you a custom WordPress site that you can update on your own. It is completely tailored to your needs, the colours, fonts, layouts – all of it! You will be able to reach your peeps and that is HUGE! All the struggles of having to chase down your developer – or even worse, your one tech savvy friend of a friend to make a change, gone!

What you get

Planning meeting
This is our first step, I want to understand what you need

Domain & Hosting
We get you all set up

Design & Development
Based on our planning meeting, I design and code you a beautiful and totally custom site

Backing Up your Site
Your site is backed up and kept safe

I test your site on all modern browsers

This is where we celebrate, your site is live!

What does this cost Yaa? Well, you get all of that packaged up in a professional and modern site with the ability to edit the content yourself for:


Does this sound like exactly what you need? A site that is modern, plays nice with mobile phones and is easy to update? You know what that means, lets work together to make that happen!

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